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Custom Antibodies Services

To request a quote, please provide catalog number and quantity (mL) and click here.

We assist researchers in the selection of epitopes and the production of numerous custom antibodies; Listed below are the different custom antibody production services we offer. Like our custom peptides, complete confidentiality of all custom antibody orders is assured.

Cataloged Services:

Catalog No.Description
A101Peptide-carrier protein conjugation (KLH/BSA)
A102Polyclonal custom antibody production (rabbit) 44-day standard protocol
A103Polyclonal antibody production (chicken) 44-day standard protocol
A104Protein A/G affinity purification
A105Epitope affinity purification
A106Complete anti-peptide antibody package (include 15AA peptide synthesis)

Standard deliverables for custom polyclonal antibody service (rabbit)

  • 3-5 mL pre-immune serum aliquots from two rabbits
  • 50-100 mL antiserum or affinity purification antibodies
  • Product Certificate of Analysis:
    Polyclonal antibody standard protocol (44-days or 55-days)
    Ellisa titer more than 1:1000
    Custom Antibody amount
    Antigen data