Peptide Library

Tap into Biopeptek's powerful research tools in our peptide library. For assistance in developing your peptide library, please contact us at
  • Quantity: 1-4 mg ( 5-9 mg, 10-20 mg are also available) for each peptide
  • Purity: Crude, 70%, >75%, >80%, >85%, >90%, >95%, and >98%
  • Length: 5-20 amino acids
  • Modifications: biotin conjugation, fluorescent labeling, unnatural amino acids, etc.
  • Format: 96-arrary tube
  • Data Package: Purity by HPLC (optional) and molecular weight by MS
  • Size: 20+ peptides
  • Delivery Time: 2 weeks

Successful drug discovery invariably involves protein studies because most drugs are designed either to interact with specific target proteins, or to alter target protein-protein interactions. Conventional one protein-one experiment strategy is time consuming and expensive. Current approaches toward a successful lead development and drug discovery requires high throughput screening (HTS), that is, a fast and efficient screening of a large number of compounds in a parallel manner. HTS is made possible as a result of the merging of three distinct technologies. Ideally, sequence optimization should be performed by synthesizing all possible sequence combinations for a given number of residues that constitute an epitope. The number of peptide sequence permutations increase exponentially with the length of the peptide (see below) and it is possible to individually synthesize all the sequences in the peptide library by Biopeptek.

Peptide Length Number of Sequence Permutations
2 361
3 6,859
4 130,321
5 2,476,099
Relationship between peptide length and the number of possible sequence permutations for the 19 naturally (without cysteine) occurring amino acids.