Peptide Stability and Degradation

Peptide Stability and Potential Degradation Pathways

  1. Hydrolysis
    • Peptides containing Asp (D)
    • Sequence contains Asp-Pro (D-P)
    • Similarly, if Asp-Gly (D-G) is present in the sequence
    • Sequences containing Ser (S)
  2. Deamidation sequences containing:
    • Asn-Gly (N-G)
    • Gln-Gly (Q-G)
    • Asp-Gly (D-G)
  3. Oxidation
    • The Cys (C) and Met (M)
  4. Diketopiperazine and pyroglutamic acid formation
    • Gly (G) is in the third position from the N-terminus
    • Pro (P) or Gly (G) is in position 1 or 2